The Harsh Fangs Of Life (FULL)

by Coldburn

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CD out on BDHW Records
Vinyl out on Cobra Records


released September 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Coldburn Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Losing Game
You're not the person i should've met
glances even colder than i've expected
time is running slow, the winds are bad
words seemed like nothing but a cheap effect

theres no soul, no peace, no light
lost values of some wasted days
memories become blurred insight
words of wisdom seem out of place

it feels like i never knew you,
feels like i've never been here before
i try to face it with my two eyes
but with every blink i depart from what i've adore

poisoned by the things you said
realize that there's no one to blame
shit, i'm happy about the times we had
in this world we play the losing game

the words i breathe are almost gone
only pictures inside my head
troubles and worries, don't know what i've done
things are growing mad instead

there was a time it felt just like heaven
losing this strikes me down to hell
i know it was a dream, twenty four seven
you dreamed yours, i dreamed mine - wishing you well!
Track Name: When The Sun Is Dreaming Quietly
the lights go out
the city sleeps tonight
the sound of silence, feel walls whispering loud

I admire you when the sun is dreaming quietly
streetlights let the awkward shine bright
shadows running fast, frightened to get punished from the light

I'm not afraid of the sun but i don't like how you change
by the end of the night - with the start of dawn

in the daylight faces look so bright
plastic smile! I do not fit in living a hollow life
sharing this place by day with these judging eyes
dead lanterns bring back to mind -
feeling home in the street lights

i walk relentless through my play
you're the stage: a cold and calm paradise,
my potential escape into the life

cause no one can take away your stories
no one can steal these memories
you talk to me, still by my side
one steady fellow through the night

so i don't even care
your words and hands can't tie me down
I can stand the times of pain
the scars I earn, the names I own
the dirty things I smell foremost
the city writes its stories down
the memories are mine
Track Name: Sons Of The Night
the moon is rising up on earth
sky has changed from blue to black
there's an army coming down the way
determined to fight
with knives and flames
a pack of wolves from hell
the sons of the night show their teeth
to bury the plague and burn what remains

we, the sons of suffering
out to tear down one thing
the ones who reign the night
tonight this is the last big fight
never fit into your roles
we're ending up the endless prowls
searching for treacherous snakes
to ruin all unfounded hate

after all consumed by fire
the ground is cluttered up with graves
only leaving clouds of haze
the battle is lost, but the fight still goes on
caught in a never ending struggle
over and over again
this world is empty
still full of scum
this world is empty
all signs of hope are gone

we are the sons of the night
gates of hell are opened up
we're those who suffer pain
survived the fight and reign the night
forever life
forever struggle
forever bound
Track Name: Bite The Dust
driven by an inner voice
we're on a path
to search for what awaits us at the end of this road
this way is blocked by barriers built by our own
making us doubt if those torment are worth suffering for

recognize there might be nothing but the end
the disillusioning fact we have to face
pain and hate, profit and greed
the conventions of a world we live in

on and on we try our best to move on
searching for things we might never find
some accept the given state
some try to stray from the given path
we're holding on to our beliefs
doubting but still walking the end of the road insight,
where we may find more than persistent darkness
and unfulfilled dreams

this is the last way we walk
this is the last talk we talk
this is the end of the tunnel
a road we can't go back
theres no way out only one way in
the hounds of hell
i hear them bark
Track Name: Love Left Me
You can tell from these scars that life ain't fair
in the night this turns into hell
Your sweet voice, it starts to fade
this love has been replaced by hate
like a bird in a cage, a tiger in a cell
I will never feel alive, I will never feel well

sometimes I wonder why I feel no thrill
my lungs are plagued
life is still ill

and all the pressure that helped me to grow
overwhelms me and drags me down this flow
i can't handle myself, makes my life pass by
too long i've been alone - isolation made me shy
i try to escape till my hands start to vein
forgot the reason that forced me in those chains

sometimes I wonder why I feel no thrill
my lungs are plagued
life is still ill
life gives me the chills

I live a life without a heart
I sold my soul right from the start
life is short - death clock ticks
i've chosen my grave - grim reaper digs
Track Name: D.T.E.
acknowledge life slips through your hands
no matter how far you stretch and bend
follow your own set of rules, comprehend
stay down to earth
always prepared for the worst

so much on my mind but i'll be fucking fine
Track Name: Pressure & Pain
from the beginning to the end
losers lose, winners win
this is real we aint got nothing to pretend
the cold world that we are in
is full of pressure and pain

distances, reachless like a pot of gold
my hard feelings i wished your heart could hold

those secrets that were meant to keep
your words still ring in my ears, keeping me from sleep

breathing is not easy if the truth holds you down
trying to forget you, no inner peace to be found

[in those moments] i feel like my mind is locked
you swallowed my mental key
it's to hard to admit

that signs are fading, pictures are shading, the devil's raiding
Track Name: A Spiteful Remark
Why should i suffer from the choices you made
it wasn't the plan that you'll be the person i hate
to sum it up we've never been so close
made up an idea to have something to hold

You are the one to blame
i show no mercy
no tolerance
you are the one to blame
no mercy

swallowing everything that i love
nothing left but anger and strife
as time goes by we are growing older
it seems like I never felt colder
I always thought that isolation is a curse
but with you on my side it could'nt get any worse

stop telling stories of a book you've never read
please don't repeat the words i said
stop stepping in footprints you'll never fit
your mind in chains
Track Name: Free Spirit
a lonely spirit guides me through these troubled times
too late for me to hide from the crap that defines my life
but i do things on my own, follow no one, try to break free
this way helped me grow stronger
and the spirit in which i believe will remain forever strong

free spirit

I use my spirit to numb the pain
to handle fears and overcome
the free spirit to survive in this fight
struggle alone to win i won't fall in line

from my childhoods hour I haven't been as others were
I haven't seen like others saw
I could not get my passion from a common spring
receive my strength from anger and rage
from thunder and storm
in which I'll try to find my home
and all I loved I loved alone

I'm sick of all the hate
I'm sick of all those talking shit
I'm sick off all you backstabbers
I'm sick of all you fair-weather friends

in every move I made
I follow no one, I'll strike hard
in every move I made
I do things on my own
Free Spirit
Track Name: Wild, Wild Away
I don't belong here
I wanna run away
run away to find my peace
far away from trouble and worries
find me among wild winds
among the waves, among wild flowers
i belong somewhere i feel free

the weight of your words
the weight of the world
it's all crashing down on me
but I still won't be what you wan't me to be
'cause I'm free

never fit into your world
I gotta run away to fight my war
I run away on search for love
let my heart be my guide
'till now i haven't seen anything
to keep up with me
that belongs to the place where i feel free

the weight of your words
the weight of the world
its all crushing down on me
but I still won't be what you want me to be
'cause I'm free