Lingering Death (feat. Chris Linkovich)

from by Coldburn



Pain is the reason that keeps us alive
It’s a lingering death, violators on the rise
The world will never adjust, it’s a lie
Without a bloody hell there can’t be a clear sky

It all continues with a death by a thousand cuts
a slowly driven end, the fires died out by floods
There’s a circle of torture which cannot be stopped
the hangmen will reign while our feelings are numbed

While violence is a premise for peace
We’ll keep pushing the anger, let damnation increase
justice is in need of the hammer
the rage won’t hear the words you’ll stammer

The reason we bleed is the blood we seed
Keep following illusions, not knowing where they lead
But facing the facts lets you wish you were dead
We can’t stand the horror, living the fools paradise instead

Pain is real and we cannot hide
Brace your fears for the harsh ride

All the closed eyes, the reapers hands
Are the fears of getting hurt by ourselfes
If storys are dead pictures the future is black
When i’m done with my time here
I’m sure I won’t come back


from Down In The Dumps, released March 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Coldburn Leipzig, Germany

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